Monday, 4 April 2011

Chapter 19: The first release for Jonas' father

This post is about the first release which Jonas' father had to do.

I don't feel like I'm a murder. I have to do what is the best for the community. And it isn't just me. There are all the other Nurturers and geriatric nurses who also have to take care of this. And of course the Elders who decide about who is going to be released. Nevertheless this introduction first confuses me. A few years ago before I started my training to get a full Nurturer I thought release would mean something different: an entering into a new, better life (if this is possible). And for the twins to get to a good caring family. I still don't know what is going to happen with the body when I'm ready. But I'm not allowed to ask someone or even myself this question. But this is good about the community: they make me not to worry about things like that. The Elders know what is the best to do with the dead body. We don't have to care. Or maybe it's the job of someone else, in any case nothing I have to deal with. And I guess they take the real meaning of release as a secret because the little children wouldn't understand it and maybe get scared. But it is necessary. We can't have two exactly the same looking persons in our community or keep someone who doesn't observe the rules. And for the Olds it is the ending of a wonderful and happy life. What could they want more? I'm ready for this next step in my training.


  1. I like your post.
    I can understand how Jonas' fahter feels and thinks about releasing a newchild.
    Nice work ;)

  2. The father's words are clear and meaningful according to the community's rules. It's a very good idea to take his point of view in order o understand the "normal" persons thoughts. Well done, Fransizka!

    PS: you don't "get" a release, you ARE released.
    PPS: there is no such idiom as "to handle with"!!! better: "to deal with"