Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chapter 13

The memories the Giver gave Jonas until this part of the story where just ones which show the good sides of life without the Sameness (even the painful sunburn memory is not that bad-Jonas enjoyed lying in the sun: the sunburn was just a not so good ancillary effect). But the memory in chapter 13 offers Jonas the greedy, brutal side of the human. They hurt an elephant just because of his ivory tusks and let him die in the desert.

Source: http://www.welt.de/multimedia/archive/00616/Elefant08_DW_Wissen_616532g.jpg


  1. I think you summarize the main statements in this chapter. I think you can say that he wants to show the existens of elephants Lily too although it is against the rules. All in all this picture and the chapter fit very good together because both show the brutality of the humans and the pain.

  2. Franziska,

    You have analysed this memory very well. I think the memory of the elephant offers a new intensity and a new stage of memories that are transmitted to Jonas. Katharina, I like your comment since you refer to Jonas' sister and why elephants are so important to her - existance is spelled a little different though..